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Solenne Nail Balsam

Solenne Nail Balsam 15ml

Solenne Nail Balm, prevents the crack and dryness at the nails due to external factors. 

By this way, it help skin to gain a healthy and smooth appearance. 

Prevents cracking, denudation and fracture due to external factors, as well as moist and vitamin loss.

Product can be applied right before nail polish and creates a protective layer. 

Helps to prevent the harms of chemicals such as yellowing and corrosion. 

A tiny amount of Solenne Nail Balm is applied to nails and surroundings by massaging. 

It is crucial the skin and nail to completely absorb the balm. 

In order to use the product in most beneficial way, pay attention to the nail to be without nail polish and clean.


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