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Solenne Hand & Body Peeling

Solenne Hand & Body Peeling 150ml

Solenne Hand & Body Peeling provides care and deeply cleansing of hands that are affected by external factors. At the same time cleans the dirt and helps the skin to breathe.

Including special peeling actives help skin to renew itself and gain a better appearance without harming the skin. 

Including Vitamin E capsules, makes the anti aging care of the skin and helps skin to gain a younger healthier appearance. 

Before applying Solenne Hand & Body peeling, there is no need for a specific preparation of the area which the product will be applied. It can be used both before and after the shower. However, cleaning and softening of the skin with water causes better results. 

After applying the product, positive change due to the product can be seen simultaneously. 

In order to see the difference better, product can be applied only one particular area and then can be compared to the others. 

Solenne Hand & Body Peeling differs from its equivalents by the fact that there is no necessity to rinse he skin after applying the product. This characteristic makes skin to benefit Vitamin E and other actives more than before. 

After applying the product, remaining peeling particles are removed from the skin with the help of a dry towel or linen. 


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