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Solenne Foot & Heel Care Cream

Solenne Foot & Heel Cream 150ml

Solenne Foot & Heel Cream, is product which is relaxing and effective on heel cracks, deformed skins, and hardened areas. 


Including Shea Butter, Allantoin and special moisturizer actives, creates a sense of persistent relaxation and softening. 


Helps to get rid of heel cracks and hardenings in the short term. In the first use, it is suggested to apply the product to the skin that is waited in warm water and cleaned by peeling, in order to get the best result. 


Starting from heels appropriate amount of Solenne Foot & Heel Cream, is applied to the all foot by massaging and let skin to absorb the product. 


For more permanent results it is necessary to keep the foot warm for 20-30 minutes.


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