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Juvenis Manicure Set

Juvenis Manicure Set

Hygienic manicure care with including disposable file, disposable cuticle pusher, disposable towel and special manicure glove.

The care cream in the Juvenis Manicure Set;

Provides daily care for your skin and helps to create a long lasting moistness.

Tocopherol Oil in its formula is an antioxidant active which protects your skin from external factors.

Allantoin helps to prevent irritation on the skin. It helps your skin look more vibrant and bright.

With its special formula, it softens the nail edges in a short time without the need for water, making it ready for manicure.



1- Cleaned nails are filed.

2- Gloves contained in the package are worn.The fingertips is gently massaged.

3- The fingertips of the glove are opened and the manicure process is completed by taking excess cream.

4- After the manicure of both hands is completed, the gloves are removed and the excess cream is taken with the help of a towel.The product is massaged into the whole arm, including on the elbows.

5- Optionally, you can have dazzling nails by applying nail polish.


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